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    “When it comes to Digital Marketing, Dharmender is definitely one of those well-rounded experts you want to work with. His prowess in all aspects of Inbound Marketing sets him apart from the rest of his peers. His ultimate goal is not to just drive traffic but to increase conversions and achieve targeted ROI as well. I highly recommend him and his team.”

    Zack Greenfield
    The Zack Greenfield Company

    “When you get to know Dharmender, you will quickly realize that he is in business to help others thrive. He drives that singular focus into everything he does when helping others with their digital marketing, especially their SEM &SEO needs. Dharmender gave me some profound insights that have taught me how to improve my business. If you are looking a powerful resource to help grow your business, I highly recommend Dharmender.”

    Tom Recher
    Co-Founder at Dapper Effects

    “Dharmender Badwal is a recognized leader in the field of search engine marketing and search engine optimization. His ability to operate within the most competitive niches and still come out on top is unparalleled. If you want to crush your competition online call Dharmender now.”

    Terra Andersen
    Founder& CEO at Red Card

    “Dharmender is truly a leader, not only for his team but for the industry. I had the opportunity to get a few tips from him and his willingness to share with others his experience to aid them to grow their business is something hard to come by in the competitive business world of today. His focus for his clients is based on value leads that convert into customers for you business. Get Dharmender and get results that pay.”

    Brian Diaz
    Consultant at Golden Peak Media

    “While working in similar SEO projects in Canada, I learned about Dharmender’s extensive internet marketing expertise. Dharmender’s technical framework is amazing and, to my knowledge, he has always delivered high value to his clients by generating 10x new leads and sales for them. He is definitively the professional to go.”

    Francisco Ortiz
    CEO / Founder at CyberSky Holdings

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